Which coffee grinder to buy? Ranking, recommended models, TOP-15

In our rating, we present a list of coffee grinders that are worth buying. If you are interested in which coffee grinder you need, check out our list and the TOP10 coffee grinders.

   One of the very, very important elements necessary to enjoy great coffee is the coffee grinder. Regardless of how expensive and good your espresso machine is, what grains and cups – without a good grinder you will not succeed. If you don’t know why you need a good coffee grinder or would like to learn about the features and elements that such a grinder must have – check our guide How to choose a good coffee grinder first. Another important guide you should see is What pressure coffee machine should you buy? Ranking of the most interesting models.

   Which coffee grinder is worth buying?
We have already made the first arrangements. The grinder must be grinding and a necessary condition. The other elements I will discuss depend on your preferences, needs and, above all, your budget. A good coffee grinder is one that grinds the coffee into as equal particles of the same size as possible and generates as little dust as possible.

   Grinder brand. Whatever else matters. Because there are brands that have been specializing in coffee grinding for years and buying a given brand, we are sure that – even their cheapest model – should meet our expectations. Another thing is that these “cheapest” brand models often densely exceed the budget of ordinary kawomaniaKa. However, it is an investment for years and it may be worth considering.

   What mills do I recommend?
What brands of coffee grinders do I recommend? I will try to indicate which brands are worth paying attention to. Of course, this is just a suggestion, everyone should find something that suits him. If you have just decided to touch the topic of making real coffee at home and want to give up instant coffee or a capsule maker, you can consider most of the grinder coffee grinders, even the cheapest ones. I recently described how to calibrate a coffee grinder to give us satisfactory results. 

   Brands worth paying attention to at the beginning of your coffee-road will definitely include those known for the production of coffee machines and recognized gastronomy products. These will include Delonghi, Melitta, Nivona, Krups, Bosh and budget MPM. If your path is at the beginning, but you intend to follow it for a long time, and you do not want to change the mill every few months, then it is worth looking at Graef, Wilf, Baratz, Fiorenzato products. 

Moulinex AR 1108:1105

1. Graef CM 702

   Is the perfect grinder for beginner home coffee enthusiasts. It has 24 degrees of grinding thickness and aesthetic design. The mill is equipped with a 128-watt low-speed motor and conical burrs made of stainless steel. This combination guarantees even grinding and full grain aroma. More expensive models such as Graef CM 800 and Graef CM 900 are also available. They are still attractive in price and can be classified as more professional. Especially Graef CM800, an automatic coffee grinder that has conical burrs made of stainless steel and a low-speed motor with 40-degree grinding adjustment.

2. Wilfa Svart Nymalt WSCG-2

   The automatic coffee grinder batcher EUREKA MIGNON PERFETTO 50 is used in apartments, private houses, cafes and restaurants to obtain ground coffee beans of various degrees of grinding. The model is equipped with a touch screen, portion counter and a simple grinding setup system. Plane parallel millstones are made of hardened steel.

   This is one of the best coffee grinders that we can use in our home. The Eureka Mignon coffee grinder is equipped with 50 mm flat tempered steel grinds, thanks to which the coffee is ground quickly and extremely precisely. The Eureka Mignon Specialita model has 55 mm diameter filaments, of course they were faster, but it is also more expensive. In addition to its great appearance, the machine has technology that reduces grinding noise and an electrostatic system, which prevents lumps and ensures coherence of the milling.

3. Baratza Encore

   Encore is a miniature electric coffee grinder from Baratza, which does not require much space. The coffee grinder has a capacity of 120 watts and is equipped with low-speed stainless steel conical millstones. Intelligent millstone rotation speed control protects the grinder from overheating. Baratza Encore guarantees excellent smooth grinding for coffee and high-quality grinding for espresso. The degree of grinding of coffee is conveniently adjusted using a special adjustment system.

   Encore has been hailed by the coffee community as the best solution for those who want to make coffee at home. That’s all marketing says. In practice, Baratza Encore ensures great grinding for all overflow methods, and also prepares coffee that is finely ground for espresso. Individual 40 grinding levels, from fine to coarse, make Encore satisfy every home barista.

4. Ascaso I-2 mini

   This is the smallest grinder from the offer of the Spanish brand Ascaso. The Ascaso I-2 mini grinder is durable, cheap to operate and easy to clean. It has a stepless adjustment system that is very important for getting the right espresso. Ideally suited to home conditions, as well as in small restaurants or cafes. In addition, the price is still at an available level.

5. Eureka Mignon

   The automatic coffee grinder batcher EUREKA MIGNON PERFETTO 50 is used in apartments, private houses, cafes and restaurants to obtain ground coffee beans of various degrees of grinding. The model is equipped with a touch screen, portion counter and a simple grinding setup system. Plane parallel millstones are made of hardened steel.

   This is one of the best coffee grinders that we can use in our home. The Eureka Mignon coffee grinder is equipped with 50 mm flat tempered steel grinds, thanks to which the coffee is ground quickly and extremely precisely. The Eureka Mignon Specialita model has 55 mm diameter filaments, of course they were faster, but it is also more expensive. In addition to its great appearance, the machine has technology that reduces grinding noise and an electrostatic system, which prevents lumps and ensures coherence of the milling.

6. Bosch MKM 6003

   That’s right, the Bosch MKM 6003 mill is one of the most inexpensive coffee grinders in principle. No, there are, of course, coffee grinders and for 500 rubles. But they are of absolutely indecent quality, and they work even less. Regarding how this Bosch works, read below under the heading “frequent breakdowns”.

   So here. The coffee grinder is a classic rotary version, where grinding is carried out with a steel impact knife. By the way, the knife is pretty high quality. Someone is looking at power – 180 W is here, but it does not solve, believe me. The controls are primitive, there is one button combined with a “block” of rotation. This button is a tab on the cover. While pressed, the milk is pounded. If the lid flies off, the button, of course, will be squeezed out – the milk will rise. Perhaps this is not the most convenient choice for the best coffee grinder, However, I advise you not to use this coffee grinder, because it is a knife mill. I wrote about why in the manual. However, many people use it to chop various small grains – flaxseed, gut, nuts. It certainly works great on this.

7. De’Longhi KG89

   The De’Longhi KG89 grinder makes coffee beans suck in and rub against each other. Thanks to this, it provides them with constant graininess and preserves aroma. It has a stainless steel housing and the ability to choose the amount of coffee to be ground: the maximum amount is enough for 12 cups.

   Model KG89 from the manufacturer DeLonghi, is equipped with a device that regulates the degree of grinding of grains. Thus, the coffee grinder grinds coffee into coarse, medium or fine powder – depending on the “order”. With such a millstone model, you will get coffee for every taste: powdered, which is suitable for making coffee in the eastern – that is, in Turk; or coarse, slightly coarse grinding, suitable for a French press; or maybe thin for making espresso? KG89 on the shoulder any task. The coffee grinder from DeLonghi is equipped with a container for beans, a volume of 120 grams, which allows the device to quickly cope with 120 grams of coffee beans and grind them into powder. Due to the design resembling a traditional mill, the millstone grinder provides high grinding uniformity perfectly suitable for coffee machines.

8. Melitta Molino 1019-01

   A decent, cheap and visually appealing coffee grinder. It has a capacious container for beans up to 200 g, adjustable grinding degree on one of 17 levels, and a rotary switch that allows you to set the amount of coffee to be ground, depending on the number of portions of coffee drink to prepare – from 2 to 14. With the Melitta Molino electric coffee grinder, you can grind coffee beans from coarse to fine grinding, depending on your needs. Also, you can select the required dose of coffee grinding for a fully automatic coffee machine

9. Bosch MKM6000

   Another impact knife grinder in the list. We do not recommend this type of coffee grinder for a pressure coffee maker. The coffee grinder is delivered in a glossy box of a small format, which shows the coffee grinder itself and illustrations of loading and starting the device, as well as its characteristics. Attached to the coffee grinder. The body of the coffee grinder is made of high-quality white plastic. The device cover is made of transparent plastic with a green start button. Inside is a bowl (shallow) of stainless steel with a capacity of 75 grams, in which there is a chopper in the form of thin knives, also made of stainless steel. When unpacking and starting the grinder, there were no extraneous odors. The power cord of the coffee grinder is 850 mm long, more suitable for placing the device near an outlet.

10. Krups GVX242

   There is another switch knob that helps measure the amount of powder needed for a serving. How many cups of the drink you need to prepare, so many servings will fall into the sealed lower container. The influx of guests will not confuse the owner of the Krups GVX 242, because you can grind up to 12 servings at a time. And it’s not even necessary to set the switch to the required amount. You can start and stop the engine simply by pressing the power button, if you do not want to wait until two servings are ready (minimum load). Stylish and compact, measuring only 20 × 16 × 26.6 cm, the Krups GVX 242 captivates with German pragmatism and asceticism – there is nothing superfluous in its design, but the coffee grinder has an amazing working capacity, reliability and thoughtfulness of all details.

11. DeLonghi KG 79

   Another DeLonghi coffee grinder in the ranking. The differences with the previous model are small and the choice is rather availability and price. Until recently, it was a certain starting point in choosing an inexpensive home coffee grinder, as I wrote in its review, but at the moment it is not on sale. And it remained instead to be content with an analogue – a pseudo millstone coffee grinder Delonghi KG 79 or KG 89. The latter differs only in finish – metal external panels of the case. And it is she who appears in the photo.

12. Hario Skerton manual ceramic coffee grinder

   Stylish manual coffee grinders are a real decoration for a coffee house or home cooking. Elegant devices with a glass or ceramic flask will fit into any interior style. Despite the manual grinding method, the machine will cope with this task perfectly. The millstone with grinding adjustment is so powerful and highly productive that you can grind a portion of grains with one hand.For the production of manual and electrical devices, high-quality materials are used that guarantee a long service life for each instance. This is especially important for consumers who use coffee grinders in their professional activities. High-quality grinder with grinding adjustment.

   HARIO hand and electric coffee grinders are equipped with a grinding adjustment mechanism that is suitable for preparing coffee in a variety of ways. For the French press, geyser coffee grinder, coffee machine, you can choose the best grinding option, from the thinnest to coarsest. It is quite simple to adjust the grinding: you need to change the distance between the elements of the millstone mechanism. To do this, remove the handle by unscrewing the bolt and stopper, and position the regulator in the required position. A couple of minutes – and grinding adjustment is complete.

13. Camry CR 4439

   A powerful millstone grinder from a well-known Polish manufacturer and is produced for the domestic European market. The coffee grinder is equipped with stainless steel blades, which crush the beans very quickly into small pieces. The grinding process can be observed through a transparent container. This model allows you to adjust the degree of grinding, there are 12 grinding positions. The machine makes ground coffee both for espresso machines and for preparing a traditional custard drink. Another advantage of the coffee grinder, it is automatic shutdown (as soon as the proper portion of coffee is ground – the device turns off). A millstone coffee grinder will instantly grind coffee while retaining its aroma. 

   160 W coffee grinder manufactured by Camry. In addition to adjusting the grinding thickness, the functional model also allows you to adjust the amount of coffee to be ground in relation to the number of cups. Product features: power: 160 W grinder type: burr removable protection container: non-slip feet, automatic shut off after grinding the right amount of coffee

14. MPM MMK-06M

   High-quality coffee grinder in a reliable metal case from the MPM brand. Designed for grinding coffee, nuts, cereals, herbs and spices and other dry ingredients. Mandatory attribute of the morning kitchen, if your coffee machine is not equipped with the function of grinding beans. Able to work with one constant speed of rotation of the knife block or in a pulsed mode. Equipped with two stainless steel tanks with a volume of 70 ml with various types of knives. Double-sided blade designed for grinding coffee, four-sided, for grinding cereals, nuts, spices. To control the degree of grinding and its completeness, the MPM MMK-06M coffee grinder is equipped with a transparent polymer cover. There is a special compartment for winding and storing the cord. Safety of use is guaranteed by contact switches that prevent the motor from starting with the cover open. The case is equipped with rubber feet to prevent slipping from the work surface. Extremely easy to use, easy to clean. 

15. Moulinex AR 1108/1105

   A compact mini-mill from Moulinex first of all attracts attention with a stylish design. The device is put into operation by pressing on its cover, which must first be screwed up until a distinctive click is heard. You will not find a single button on the case. Accordingly, the degree of grinding of the product cannot be regulated in any other way, except by the duration of the coffee grinder. The longer the working time, the finer the grinding result. This may disappoint Kofemanov, but those who are looking for a device for grinding not only coffee, but also nuts, spices, herbs, poppy seeds, sugar, cereals and other bulk products, will appreciate its versatility, ease of use and very affordable price. Moreover, she copes with the task really well and looks very cute (available in two colors: bright red and reserved black). The assembly is of high quality: a brilliant steel case, stainless steel knives – everything speaks in its favor. In addition, a spare removable bowl is included. The coffee grinder Moulinex AR105 is quite quiet. But it heats up quickly. Due to the fact that the food chopping bowls are removable, they are easy to wash under running water, without fear of spoiling the coffee grinder itself. 

   Simplicity of the electric grinder design: one capacity, one double-sided knife, elementary inclusion by pressing the lid. Pulse operation. Security: lock the device from turning on when the cover is removed. Possibility to choose from two colors of the case: 1108 – black, 1105 – red. Transparent lid for grinding fineness control.


Food Processors FAQ

I’m sorry, I have not tried to grind nuts; however, it does have 3 settings from coarse to fine.

Perfect!! But be careful, the one they sent me runs on 220 power. Can’t use in USA.

I believe so! The floor of the grinder is tilted allowing for small amounts to be ground evenly….but the model, MKM 6003, appears to be unavailable (at least on this day Aug 31st, ‘19

Grind 1 T. of dry, white rice and 1 T. baking soda together for a full minute. Empty it out, then wipe out the chamber with a damp (NOT WET) paper towel. (If any water gets past the blades and into the motor, it will seize and never run again.) Rice will clean the blades and the baking soda will help get rid of strong spice odors.

I grind flax seed with this grinder. It turns flax seed in to a fine pulp I use for my smoothies. I use two tablespoons of flax seeds in this grinder at a time, pulse it a few times and then run it continuously for about 10 or so seconds and the flax seeds are nicely ground.

I have a french press as well, and what I’ve learned is to grind in small batches. Don’t fill the reservoir up. Just enough beans to cover the blades. Then I pulse the blades about 5 or so times, Checking after a few pulses so I wont over-grind. Takes a little patience but you will learn how many times to pulse the blades per amount of bean you fill it with. When I first got my French Press I bought a bag of cheap grocery store beans to get my technique down. Now I’m comfortable grinding the better grades coffee, by my pulsing technique. If you fill the bin up and grind away , you’re going to get a lot of powder that makes sludge in the bottom of the French Press. So just do a little bit at time and you’ll get perfect results. 

Three pulses for about three seconds each.


yes it works great for that I do that for my compost pile, garden, and for my inside vermicompost bin for my red wiggler worms. a tip for you is to tare up a piece of bread into chunks almost like you are making homemade Thanksgiving stuffing from scratch and grind it in the coffee bean grinder- this will absorb the oil and moisture making it so your coffee grinder does NOT malfunction or stop working because of the oils and moisture from grinding oily coffee beans in it. If this was helpful please hit helpful-thanks a bunch!

I used it with my french press, it worked really well for the price.

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