What bike to buy in 2020?

Each year, with the beginning of the spring season, parks, streets and forest roads are filled with two-wheeled ones. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular forms of outdoor activities. It attracts both the elderly and the young. Cycling is not only a great opportunity to stay in shape or lose weight. With this vehicle you can go on closer or further trips, explore previously unknown regions. You do not know which bike to buy? In this case, we invite you to read our comprehensive guide.

Bicycles worth recommending

We recommend that you check out the following list of bicycles. They enjoy high user ratings and good value for money.

LE GRAND MADISON 4 city bike

LE GRAND MADISON 4 city bike

KELLYS SPIDER 50 mountain bike

KELLYS SPIDER 50 mountain bike

KROSS TRANS 4.0 Camping Bike

_KROSS TRANS 4.0 Camping Bike

KELLYS CLIFF 10 Cross Bike

KELLYS CLIFF 10 Cross Bike

MERIDA RACE 80  Road bike

MERIDA RACE 80  Road bike

How much money do you spend on a bike?

This is probably the most important choice you will have to face. Your budget will determine exactly what you can afford. Equally important is the intended use of a two-wheeled vehicle. If you are looking for a typical city or recreational bike for a weekend trip or a trip to work, you do not need to spend too much on it. In good quality, even those who are less than a thousand zlotys are available for undemanding. The staircase begins if you are more interested in a sports model. Here, quality and the components used play a huge role. You should know that they are usually not the cheapest. Even an ordinary lover of mountain trips or off-road driving will tell you that spending a few thousand is an absolute minimum. Therefore, think about the purpose of the bike, and then check how the price range looks in this category.

What to look for when buying a bike
  • Types of bicycles: mountain, cross, city, trekking, road, others
  • Frame size and type
  • Material of which the frame is made
  • Bicycle accessories
  • The most important bicycle accessories  
  • A bike with or without cushioning?
  •   Recommended Bicycle Brands
  •   Bicycle wheels
  •   Bicycle brakes
  • Bicycle tires
  •   Steering

What to look for when buying a bike?

We already mentioned that the purpose of the bike will be important. However, it is no less important what materials it is made of, what components and equipment were used in it. For many people, including you, a brand can be important. In addition, there are many technical parameters, such as wheel size, used tires, number of switches, additional functions.

Types of bicycles

In the market you will find some of the main types of bicycles. Among them you will find both intended for entertaining and sports driving, and for typical city conditions. You also cannot forget about specialized models for sports riding, acrobatics or even with electric motors.

Mountain bike

Mountain bike

This is perhaps the most popular and recognizable type of two-wheeled vehicle in our country. Already in the late 90s, the song Yaro – Rowery Dwa, which concerned these models, was popular. Although, according to the designers, such versions should have been used for off-road driving, nevertheless, you can safely talk about them as a vacation. They have become extremely versatile, as a result of which you can use such a two-wheeled vehicle as a vehicle for work during the week and on weekends for off-road driving along forest paths. Wheels ranging in size from 26 to 29 inches are generally intended for adult cyclists.

  These types of bikes are characterized by wider tires, a rather deep tread. As a result, they will also work in more difficult terrain. A characteristic feature of slightly more expensive models are at least two high-quality shock absorbers. Since manufacturers focus on various types of structures, we can mention in this category such versions of highlanders as ATB, XC, DH, FR, Enduro or Trail (All Mountain).

Cross bike

  The second type of two-wheeled vehicle that you can find in the market is cross-country. This often equates to a trekking version. In fact, they are very similar. However, in the case of the cruciform type, manufacturers usually do not use any additional accessories. We are talking about such important elements for many people as the wings or the trunk. The cross version usually has a more aggressive frame. It is equipped with 28 inch wheels. Wider tires are used. This type of two-wheeled vehicle will operate mainly on typical urban routes or on trips outside urban centers. You can ride it on various bicycle, forest or field paths.


City bike

City bike

This is a real hit in recent years. They are significantly different in design from sports and leisure bikes. First of all, they used a different type of frame. The location of the saddle and steering wheel means that you can ride with a more vertical silhouette. This way of moving does not burden your back. Most models are equipped with large enough 29-inch wheels, so you can develop high speed on it. A characteristic feature here is a planetary switch, which was hidden in the rear wheel hub. This allows you to change gears when the car is stationary, and the drive is more protected from dirt. In general, you will come across many interesting additions, such as large wings, a luggage rack, a shopping basket, lighting, or a footer. All this means that you are guaranteed a pleasant trip.

Trekking bike

  As already mentioned, trekking is very similar to cross. Narrower tires are used here to provide comfort on the pavement. Of course, you can replace them, which will do better on gravel and dirt roads. It uses the mentioned additional equipment, such as wings, luggage rack, leg, dynamo lighting. This is simply due to the fact that this is an expeditionary structure. You will need protection from dirt, a place for little things. Both in cross-country and here are used 28-inch wheels, although slightly smaller versions are available. In this category you will find both a bike with a rigid fork and a shock absorber with a stroke of 50-65 mm.

Trekking bike

Road bike

Road bike

  As the name implies, these are models designed to ride on asphalt. They come directly from professional cycling, where the best cyclists in the world use patterns with large 28-inch wheels and extremely narrow tires. This design allows you to achieve much higher speeds. A characteristic feature here is also the steering wheel, which is usually very curved. For convenience, you can use both brakes and switches with your hands, without removing them from the steering wheel. Due to the wider tires, the type of increased cross-country ability will work in slightly more difficult conditions. In turn, a triathlon or track are examples designed for high speeds.

Other types of bicycles

Of course, these are not all types of bicycles that you will find in our market. You can also buy:

An electric bike

is a two-wheeled bike equipped with a small electric motor and battery. This is not a design that allows you to overcome many kilometers, so it should be used as a support for tired legs. You will move in a classic way every day in this model.

Fatbike bikes

is a very original design based on the classic highlander. It consists in the use of extremely wide and tall tires measuring 4-5 inches. Thanks to this, this two-wheeled bike copes well in snow or sand.

BMX bikes

are a bike that was probably the dream of many people in their childhood. This is a model that is designed to perform tricks. It has a lowered and elongated design, as well as small wheels – even below 20 inches. Many people even decide to remove the saddle.

Dirt / Street bikes

is a developed version of BMX. The difference, however, is that larger wheels and shock absorbers are used here. Thanks to this, you can perform not only tricks, but also big jumps.

The Rowery Ostre koń / Single

type are two very interesting designs. In the first case, you may encounter a sharp wheel, that is, a disk that does not have free play, which means that you have to pedal all the time. In the second option, you are dealing with the same system, but the previously excluded option is introduced.

Folding bikes

despite years gone by, these bikes are still very popular. We are talking here about the legendary Wigry model. A big advantage is the ability to fold the bike in half. It is useful for transportation, as well as for storage in small rooms.

Beach Cruiser bikes

are unique bikes with perhaps the most interesting style on the market. They relate to the design of motorcycles. These are long designs with fancy frames.

Tandem bicycles

are also an original design that is designed for two, three or even four people. This, of course, gives you an unforgettable experience and the reasons why you should approach your bike differently.

Frame size and type

Despite the fact that manufacturers indicate the type and size of the frame in the technical specification, this type of information may tell you a little. Each time, a particular model must be tailored to your needs. This should be done by measuring the legs from the ground to the crotch. In many types of bicycles it is also necessary to multiply the result by a special factor.

The size of the frame is determined each time by measuring the length of the segment connecting the end of the saddle tube to the center axis of the lower bracket. Due to this, this value is presented in the traditional S, M, L, XL or numerical classification. If you are 152-157 cm, then your frame should be XS and 14 inches. People from 167 to 174 cm choose S / M 17 inches, 179 – 185 cm M / L 19 inches and more than 190 cm L / XL 21 inches. Different types of frames are used for each type of bike.

Material of which the frame is made

Over the years, manufacturers used only steel frames. Currently, you can find many more materials in the repertoire, such as high-grade steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, composites, titanium or magnesium. They differ in quality, strength and weight.

Bicycle accessories

  Bicycle accessories very much determine the functionality and capabilities of a bicycle. It is extremely important what type of switch, handle, chain, cassette or switch was used. The Shimano brand has been a leader in this field for many years. Below are the currently manufactured equipment families of this manufacturer.

Groups of accessories for mountain and trekking bicycles


The tournament is the lowest group of bicycle accessories. It is designed for an entertaining ride and is most often found in the cheapest models. For those who are looking for bicycles “for many years” and for everyday riding, we recommend choosing models with equipment of a higher class than Tourney. This is ideal for casual, typical recreational trips.


This is a group of accessories that is valued for its good value for money. Her models are not lightweight, but they are more durable and fairly accurate. The equipment of this group is recommended for people who begin their amateur adventure with MT.


The models of this group are characterized by good quality and decent properties, and their price is quite attractive. Deore accessories are recommended for bicycles designed for long trips and amateur racing in MTB.


The equipment of the LX group is intended for trekking bikes, and the SLX is for mountain bikes. They are characterized by better workmanship, greater accuracy of gears and lower weight than the models of the previous group – Deore.


it is currently the highest group of Shimano MTB offerings. It is most often chosen by professional cyclists. It is appreciated for its light weight and accuracy during difficult races in difficult terrain. You can find the opinion that exorbitant parameters were obtained due to the strength of the equipment. However, in the case of professional cycling, this issue goes by the wayside.


This group of Shimano accessories is widely recognized as the more demanding amateur cyclist. Ideal for trekking bikes, but most often MTB enthusiasts choose it with a passion for racing. XT accessories have properties similar to those of the higher XTR group, but they are much cheaper than them.

Groups of accessories for city and tourist bicycles


this is a cheaper Shimano group of components for city and tourist bikes. This is best known for mechanisms at the Inter Center with 3, 7 or 8 mechanisms. The Nexus attachment is also a dynamo built into the front hub, as well as shoe, disc and roller brakes. This type of equipment requires minimal maintenance and is known for its reliability.


This is a higher group of equipment used in city and tourist bicycles. It is better sealed and adapted to more intensive driving than models from the Nexus series. Shimano’s offer includes internal and 8-speed hubs. They are controlled by switches, which work the same as in the more expensive MTB equipment groups. An electronic version of Alfine DI2 is also available on the market.

Road bike groups


This is the main group of road equipment that is designed for recreational riding. Currently available in 7-row version. It includes, among other things, handles and handles with 50 × 34 and 50 × 39 × 30 discs. When purchasing Tourney class components, please note that this equipment is for amateur riders who do not require cyclists.


the road equivalent of components from the Altus and Acera families, known by MTB bikes. This is an 8-row gear group designed for faster walking rides for novice cyclists. Dual Control technology is now available on Claris models, which allows you to shift gears and brake with one lever. The Claris crank mechanism is available in 2- and 3-row versions, and assembly is possible through the Octalink support.


This Shimano component group is especially recommended for beginner riders looking for reliable equipment at an attractive price. Due to its durability and ease of maintenance, it can be successfully used on city bikes with a sporty character. Sora Group debuted in the market in 2002 and is still evolving, having received many solutions previously encountered in the higher Shimano series.

A bike with or without cushioning?

If you decide to drive in difficult terrain, then, unfortunately, depreciation is what you will absolutely need. Any unevenness in the earth can make you feel it more or less on your body. The use of depreciation is in some ways a relief to the body. You should invest in such a piece of equipment, especially if you have an aluminum frame.

The shock absorbers available on the market can be divided into spring, elastomeric, elastomeric-spring, oil-spring, air, oil-air. In addition, thanks to the assembly, they are telescopic, with two shelves, upside down, in the steering tube or with a rigid axle. When will you not need depreciation? If your bike is designed for typical urban road conditions. Then it will be unnecessary and may unnecessarily increase the weight of the bike.

A bike with or without cushioning

Bicycle wheels

A bicycle rim can also influence the properties of a bicycle and its aesthetic considerations. It can be made of an alloy of steel, aluminum, as well as carbon fiber. It should be light and strong at the same time. Frames of 26 inches in diameter are used on mountain bikes, and 28-inch frames on road and road bikes. 27.5-inch wheels are also very popular as they combine the advantages of 26 and 29-inch wheels very well. The particular rim must be adapted for use with V-shaped or disc brakes. It is also worth adding that the rims may differ in the number of holes for the needles.

Bicycle wheels

Bicycle tires

Bicycle tires are extremely important to your safety. Traction, work in various conditions may depend on their quality. In many cases, you have to choose between comfort and safety and achieving higher speeds on the selected surface. Tire thickness affects cushioning conditions, but it can also make you work more or less. Here is a very simple rule: the thicker the tire, the more it will absorb you. This will provide more resistance. With thinner tires, you will feel worse than driving, but you will invest much less in it. When driving on asphalt, it is assumed that the minimum tire tread should be 1.5-2.0 inches wide. 

Bicycle tires

The most important bicycle accessories

  • Lighting - this element not only increases safety in the dark, but also requires Polish law. If you are moving on the road after dark, you need to have both front and back lighting. You can choose the classic solution, that is, with the help of a dynamo or modern LED lights, powered by AA or AAA batteries.
  • A saddle is one of those elements that define comfort. It should have the correct shape and width. More and more specialists are reminded that they have a pelvic space. They must be accurately measured, which allows you to choose a saddle. As a result, they should not be the cause of pain.
  • The counter is a bit outdated and outdated gadget. With it, you can calculate the time or distance traveled. Some models also allow you to measure your heart rate. However, most people currently use mobile apps.
  • Mud flaps - this solution is especially appreciated during city and recreational trips. Front and rear wings can protect you from dirt or spray from water, dirt.

Recommended Bicycle Brands

  In the market you will find many bicycle manufacturers. Some of them specialize in the production of almost all types, while others focus on only one category. The most valuable, popular and recommended are: Kross, Romet, Alpina Bike, Kellys, Author, Accent, BBF Bike, Haibike, Merida, Le Grand, Cube, CTM, Cossack, EcoBike, Electra and many others.


 Buying a bike doesn’t have to be that hard. All you have to do is answer two important questions at the beginning: what is your budget and what will you need the equipment for? Thanks to this, you will find out what you really expect and what is available to you. You can take a chance and buy a bike for less than $ 100, as well as add more money and bet on what is well appreciated by cyclists. Be sure to pay attention to the used accessories, brakes, wheels and tires. Choose the perfect place.

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