The best vacuum cleaners. TOP-10 (2020)

What vacuum cleaner should you buy so you don't regret it? Look for answers in the maniaKalna TOP-10 vacuum cleaners, in which we present the best and the most interesting models available in Polish stores.

   Are you thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner? We present TOP-10 good vacuum cleaners – different types and at different prices. Everyone will find something for himself. Remember that most of these models come in many variants, in different colors and with different equipment.

   In our list of the best vacuum cleaners we have both allergy free, bagless, vertical and traditional models. We have also not forgotten about cleaning works, which are more and more often hosted in homes.

   Do not forget that the best models in all respects do not exist. Therefore, before buying a specific one, decide how often you plan to use a vacuum cleaner, what characteristics are key for you. We will try to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Xiaomi MIJIA Mi Robot (1 gen.)

Xiaomi MIJIA Mi Robot (1 gen.)

   What do we get for this money? High suction power for a cleaning robot, 2.5 hours of work on the second of four levels, cleaning accuracy – in contrast to competition at this price and quietness of work. Xiaomi is equipped with a radar – it cleans thoroughly, and the effects can be followed in the Mi Home application. With this app we’ll find out when to replace consumable parts, we can check the cleaning history, control the vacuum cleaner, change cleaning modes, or send it to a specific room. 

   I bought this model myself over years ago and I am very happy with it. The only minus I found is the tank volume of 0.42 liters – it must be emptied frequently. If you are looking for an automatic “cleaner” for your home and do not want to spend money on the works of brands such as iRobot or Samsung – this is the equipment for you.

Food Processors FAQ

Will it work on 240 volts..?

Dear, thank you for asking.
Yes, it is working on Voltage input: 100 – 240V.

Can you use the app to block out areas that don't want it to go?

You can’t block out areas, but you can tell it where you want the vacuum to clean from the app. You will need to have the latest firmware update to do so. Within the app, once you click on the vacuum the the map comes up, you can click the zone cleanup and draw a box to highlight the area you would like cleaned. For this to work, you will need to have previously performed a regular cleaning cycle so that you have a full map to work with.

Es compatible con Alexs?

Yes, it works with Alexa but you need to add vacuum as appliance.

Amica Viento VI 2032


Now something cheap and simple. The Amica vacuum cleaner is the basic bag model, has a power in accordance with the current EU 900 W standard and a very average sound level of 78 dB.
The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA 13 filter (you can read more about HEPA filters in our guide on how to buy a vacuum cleaner for an allergy sufferer), and the power is regulated in 4 ranges. The wheels are rubberized, the cable is 8 meters long, so for a small apartment it will be just right.

Food Processors FAQ

How long is the cord?

The cable length is 5 meters just (45 m2 apartment).

How easy is it to clean the garbage from this machine?

It’s very easy to get the debris out: since one usually takes care of wet messes by other means, one always vacuums dry things, e.g., dust and pet hair. Since the walls of the container are hard plastic, everything usually just falls out without sticking. My experience is that nothing sticks to the walls of the container. In fact, I’ve found the walls of bags to hold more dust than the walls of a hard plastic container. And with a hard plastic container, you can actually wipe it clean if you are really worried. The latter is much harder with a bag.

Is the airpower brush gentle enough for expensive wool carpet?


Miele Blizzard CX1 Parquett Powerline


We are changing the price and quality pole – Miele bagless vacuum cleaners are the highest quality and unfortunately the price shelf.

Miele CX1 in this version is equipped with a special brush for parquet floors, delicate and hard floors. The power of the vacuum cleaner is already standard 890W, the HEPA filter ensures clean air.

The optional equipment is cleverly integrated into the vacuum cleaner – it will always be at hand. The tank is interestingly constructed – the dust collects separately from large pieces of dirt – thanks to this we do not create dust when emptying the container.
Of course, the wheels are rubberized, the cable is 6.5 meters long, the tank is roomy – it has 2 liters, and the volume for such a high suction power is acceptable: 76dB. Miele vacuum cleaners are not the lightest – almost 9 kg, but this indicates the quality of the product.

Food Processors FAQ

Does this vacuum hold as much as one with a bag?

The bag compacts the debris so you do not have to empty it as often. Technically speaking the hold the same amount. Since the container that you empty is clean and you can see the dirt, you are more likley to empty more often.

How wide is the cleaning head

Cleaning head is 11 inches wide. If you would like to buy one you can find Mr. Sweeper in the list of sellers for this product. Fast Shipping and 30 day Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Does this model support the power tool attachments?

No, you would not be able to add this down the road. Plus the cost for these three pieces would be close to$600. If you have any wall to wall carpet or plush area rugs you should consider the electro +. If the $300 additional cost is currently out of the budget, we as well as many others have interest free financing options.

Philips FC9743/09


Like in Miele, the tank has 2 liters of capacity, the volume is 76 dB, and the cable is slightly longer – 7 meters. All accessories are housed in the device housing. Suction power is 650 W, so much less than Miele.

What advantages does this model have? High energy class A +, brush adapted to 3 types of floors, good (but not the best) suction power. For allergy sufferers, the important information is the use of a HEPA filter that retains 99.9% of dust and the Allergy Lock system – a special sensor that checks if the dust container is correctly positioned and fully sealed.
  The Philips bagless vacuum cleaner is an interesting proposition for people with a lower budget. Currently, Philips offers a promotional warranty for 5 years for this model – after purchasing, just register the product.

Food Processors FAQ

does he have a soft brush?

Yes, the soft brush is integrated into the handle for easy access.

Does he have an allergenic filter?

The cleaning filter system creates a perfect seal and traps 99.9% of fine dust – including pollen, hair, wool and dust mites – an excellent result for allergy sufferers and anyone requiring a higher level of hygiene.

How light is it?

It is a fairly lightweight vacuum cleaner, you can easily vacuum the stairs with it.

Zelmer ZVC764CT Aquawelt


A water vacuum cleaner from Zelmer is a real combine harvester for special tasks. It allows us to dry and wet vacuuming. Collecting mud or water is also no problem for him. He can wash upholstery, carpets and work in a mode with a bag or without it.

It’s great to work with two filtration systems. The first is the standard, i.e. the HEPA filter. The second is a water filter – thanks to such solutions, this vacuum cleaner will be perfect for allergy sufferers.
  The device power is 1900 W, and the standard range is 10 meters. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a turbo brush, and ordinary bags can be replaced with anti-odor bags with activated carbon. Due to the large size and the ability to store only horizontally, you need to prepare a lot of space in the storage box for this vacuum cleaner. The weight does not belong to small ones – almost 9 kg. The capacity of the water tank is 1.8 liters, and dirty water is 5 liters. The capacity of the bag is 2.5 liters.


Food Processors FAQ

Does the unit follow along well when pulled around the house?

Yes, it has wheels on the bottom and follows smoothly as you pull it around the house. I have had a Miele canister for 22 years and it is outstanding. Well made and durable.

This will be for commercial use on burber carpet...will it work well?

I don’t think it is powerful enough. I didn’t even want to use it in my home.

Is this unit good for an oriental rug?

Yes this will do a very good job on orientals, it has a lot of suction and a good quality attachment. If you would like to buy one you can find Mr. Sweeper in the list of sellers for this product. Fast Shipping and 30 day Satisfaction Guaranteed. Thank you,

Electrolux EUS8ALRGY


One of the quietest bag vacuum cleaners on the market – only 58 dB. Power is 750 W, energy class A, working range is up to 12 meters. The wheels are rubberized, the parquet brush is included, and the HEPA filter ensures allergy-free comfort.


Food Processors FAQ

Does the machine have a reverse suction blow out

No, it doesn’t.

What is the decibel level of this?

At about 3 feet away, the decibel level is 58.

How hard to assemble?

No it is very very easy




Great vertical vacuum cleaner from a German manufacturer. The main advantage is working on the 18V system battery – one universal battery for the whole series of home appliances, from the grass trimmer, through the screwdriver to the vacuum cleaner. Working time is 60 minutes, battery charging time is also 60 minutes, tank capacity is 0.4 liters.
The device uses an allergy filter, suction power is adjustable, and the vacuum cleaner itself can be quickly converted into a short hand-held vacuum cleaner. The set includes a wall mounting kit and several additional suction cups. The design of the device makes it seem quite heavy to some people – the whole structure is on top, so check it in the store before buying.

If you plan to buy other Bosch power tools or garden equipment, think about buying system equipment – you will buy two batteries and power many devices from the green 18V Bosch series.

Food Processors FAQ

What is the battery life?

Battery life before recharging:
Up to 60 minutes in normal mode with non-motorized nozzles
Up to 45 minutes in normal mode with a motorized brush
Up to 7 minutes in turbo mode with a motorized brush

How fast does the battery charge?

Fast charge:
Up to 60 minutes via quick charger
Up to 5 hours through the dock

What is the weight of the vacuum cleaner? What is the volume of the water tank?

Container volume: 0.4 L
The weight of the vacuum cleaner ready for cleaning is 2.9 kg.

Beko VRT61818VW


A cheap vertical vacuum cleaner that surprised me with its suction power. Most vertical vacuum cleaners at a low price have poor suction power and a good brush. The effect is that most of the work is done by the electric brush, and the engine suction power is so small that after turning off the device too quickly, the last collected dirt falls to the floor from the device pipe … This problem is not a Beko vacuum cleaner – it easily draws sand and dust into the container (500 ml capacity). 

Due to the design, the vacuum cleaner is light as a feather, it has the ability to remove the hand vacuum cleaner itself, and the handle is folded “in half” – it fits virtually anywhere. Are you looking for a cheap vertical vacuum cleaner? This model will do better than similarly priced Bosch, Hoover or Electrolux constructions.


Food Processors FAQ

How a about pet hair?

I have 4 dogs, 2 cats and 14 Guineas pigs. I would Bieber buy another vacuum cleaner after the fiasco we had last time. I had always used Shark but made the mistake of purchasing another vacuum that was on sale – BIG mistake. Shark is incredible. We have had it for 4 years and it is still going strong. And 2 of our dogs are long haired German shepherds. This machine is quiet enough where I can actually put the nozzle into my piggy cages to clean them – it picked up small amounts of hay and all of their poo. Super simple. We are getting another because we’re so impressed with it.

How is it on hard wood floors?

If you use the regular carpet attachment without the beater bar turned on, it is very good on hardwood floors. However, the Shark comes with a special attachment especially for hardwood floors that is absolutely awesome. It is not that hard to change between the two – it took me about 1 minute each time I did it. I do not use this hardwood attachment in our motorhome simply because most of our floor there is carpet. I suspect that if I changed between the carpet and hard wood attachments more often, I could do it even faster.

Can anyone tell me if this machine is easy to push on very soft, thick Karastan carpeting?

It’s is quite easy to push. There is also suction control at the handle that is easily adjustable.


iRobot Roomba 980


The robot cleans thoroughly – maps the room, can resume cleaning after charging. Through the mobile application, we can set a cleaning schedule for him and control his work. Carpets are not scary for him – he can climb on them and automatically increase the suction power in order to improve the effects of vacuuming.

The set includes a docking station and 2 walls for AA batteries. The dirt container is much larger than the Xiaomi model – 0.6 liters, but the working time is weaker and is 2 hours. iRobot is very quiet because it works at just 58 db.

Food Processors FAQ

How well does it handle pet hair? I have a 90lbs German Shepherd who sheds like crazy.

I too have a 90 lbs GSD. Best dogs in the world! But they shed like crazy! Roomba solves this problem very well and in addition it will not tangle pet hair in its rolllers which is a great feature. You should clean your rollers every couple of days and you will find rolled up hair in the ends of them that are very easy to remove and dispose of. An ingenious design by Roomba to keep hair from getting caught up in the rollers. This used to drive me crazy in my old vacuum cleaners.

is noise a problem and what about power cords do they get tangled in the sweeper

The 980 isn’t ninja quiet in absolute terms, however, when compared to any manual vacuum cleaner running at a billion decibels, the 980 is quiet as a church mouse. And you can schedule the 980 late at night or while you are not home if the noise bothers you. To me the noise it makes is sort of like a background noise, and I like to hear it because I know it is making things clean. Watching TV or having a conversation is no problem while it is running, unlike an old manual vacuum.
And the best part if you are a guy who appropriately doesn’t think it is your job to clean, instead of telling at your wife or kids to clean the floor, you just walk over to the 980, and press the button, and boom, you did your job. You can also schedule it with the app, my kids have that set up but I don’t yet.
As for power cords, my wife hasn’t let the 980 venture into the bedroom area yet, where I think it could run into some cords. But I think it is just like a normal vacuum, you don’t want to run it over cords, so tie the suckers up like you should have done already anyway.
I have had a lot of iRobots… I like this 980 a lot so far. Whoever did the AI programming on it did a good job, it cleans a lot more like a good human cleaning lady would, like it has a strategy, cleaning contiguous areas rather than a random pattern that leaves you anxious, wondering if it is going to get every spot.
It is 6am and all my kids are sleeping, I just turned the 980 on to clean. It is fairly quiet. Its going under a cabinet/table that I know no one has ever gone under to clean, ever. And it just made it back out from under it, rather tricky because there is something blocking a little more than half of the opening. Super impressed with this thing. My kids named it Renaldo.
It is now cleaning the edge of the kitchen floor under the cabinets–yes, another area that no human ever cleans. And it went over it a couple of times.
The place just feels clean when it’s done, it’s great.
My wife likes holding it back from various rooms with the electronic barriers our the dog gate. I set it free whenever I can, to explore bold new rooms. It just “escaped” into the laundry room! Viva la robot!

Are they safe on oriental rugs?

Yes…..but make certain the perimeter of the carpet is tacked down. If you have fringe (for lack of better carpet term) at ends it could get hung up on those or damage them. My most common robot fail is shoestrings. It’ll stop the vac since it sucks em up drags em or ensnares the vac and finally depletes the battery preventing re-docking. My biggest gripe.
Also any carpet pile surface >0.75″ prevents my robo from climbing it. (Case in point: Bath rug with rubberized underside and thick pile topside). If you’re really concerned about quality oriental use the included electronic gates placed at one corner each beaming along the perimeter in question (fringe)

Dyson V10 Absolute


The robot cleans thoroughly – maps the room, can resume cleaning after charging. Through the mobile application, we can set a cleaning schedule for him and control his work. Carpets are not scary for him – he can climb on them and automatically increase the suction power in order to improve the effects of vacuuming.

The set includes a docking station and 2 walls for AA batteries. The dirt container is much larger than the Xiaomi model – 0.6 liters, but the working time is weaker and is 2 hours. iRobot is very quiet because it works at just 58 db.

Food Processors FAQ

How long does rhe battery last?

10-60 minutes depending on power setting. I find medium gets me 30-40 minutes and is more than adequate for general cleaning. Max suction will suck a golf ball through a garden hose and not necessary all the time. I’ve used max suction a handful of times yet never with a powered head attached as it’s pointless and will actually make the head stick to area rugs it’s so strong.

Will this work with dyson v6/v8 attachments?

V6, no because accessories attach differently. The V8 attach similarly. I contacted Dyson since I read different things. My question was regarding the fluffy/soft head attachment. They warned about different part numbers, won’t work properly, may damage the machine and will invalidate the warranty. This is what they said: In regard to your inquiry, parts are not interchangeable so although the V8 soft roller head may be able to fit the V10 the part numbers are different and ,it would not work as intended. Doing this could also cause damage to the machine which would not be covered under the manufacturers defect warranty. We would recommend to either purchase the V10 absolute which comes with the soft roller head or if you get the V10 animal to order the V10 soft roller head to use with it.

We have Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. Do we need the absolute or is the animal sufficient?

It’s not the vacuum as much as it is the Attachments. The entire marketing for the absolute is the inclusion of the soft roller head FOR FLOORS WITH NO CARPET. You can use the bristle head if you want, it will wear down the bristles and not give you the same results as the soft roller that will get pretty much everything including all the dust that the bristle head would never get off of a hard floor. I have Brazilian cherry also and the soft roller works wonders, better than the “specialty hardwood floor broom” ever did.


A modern vacuum cleaner is saturated with a mass of small, but extremely convenient devices that make the job of cleaning the house pleasant. Some of them have become familiar, some continue to amaze the imagination with their novelty.

You will not surprise anyone with the so-called parking system. This automotive term means the presence of special latches located in the lower part of the body. When placing the device in a vertical or horizontal position, a tube with a nozzle mounted on it is attached to these clamps.

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