Small home appliances for the kitchen: 7 products that you must have

A well-equipped and equipped kitchen contains not only a decent fridge or dishwasher, but also useful appliances from the small household appliances segment. Here are 7 products that you can’t do without in the kitchen.

Preparations, salads, juices, salads, smoothies, cakes, soups … There is always something to do in the kitchen, so make sure you have a set of decent and proven tools on hand. We advise you on what small kitchen appliances to buy in the kitchen to deal with any culinary challenge quickly and efficiently. We start with a product that can safely be called the basis of a kitchen workshop.

Robot kuchenny


Why bother in the kitchen? You have to put the robot to work – of course, the multi-functional one! With a limited budget, it’s not worth going crazy – instead of trying to “top-level” top-shelf devices, it’s better to buy something simpler, but neatly done: for example, the planetary robot KENWOOD KM242 Proplus, which costs about PLN 650.

It may not be the cheapest robot on the market, but certainly one of the most interesting in the context of the price-performance ratio. He will cope with mixing, kneading the dough and whipping the foam, but he is not afraid of other tasks. The set includes a blender, a blender, chopping knives, cutting discs and even … a citrus juicer.

With such a helper, no kitchen challenge will prove too difficult, and you will save a lot of time. If you cook a lot, such equipment is simply worth having. 

Does it not come with regular mixing blades?

not sure what you mean by regular blades…it comes with a Chef’s whisk, dough hook, and flat mixing paddle, splash guard w/pour spout…they are pictured in the description

is there a beater blade or scraper blade for this?

Included are a chef’s whisk, dough hook, and flat mixing paddle. The flat paddle is the closest to a beater blade, but does not have the flexible edges.


If you don’t want to buy a food processor, be sure to consider buying a mixer. It is not so versatile, it is inexpensive, and it will work just as well in basic tasks such as mixing or whisking. What’s more, if you buy one of the more advanced models equipped with a bowl (e.g. ZELMER ZHM1265S Symbio), you may not even feel the need for a planetary robot.

Does this have sausage stuffing attachments or grinder attachment?

It doesn’t come with it, but a meat grinder attachment is available. It is a separate purchase.

Will it work in countries with 220v

No it will not work on 220. You can buy a “step down” voltage regulator that will reduce the voltage to 110 then it will work


Hand and socket blender


Although it may seem that one blender in the kitchen is enough, in fact two such devices are useful. The cup blender will not only help you quickly prepare a smoothie, but will also be a useful tool when preparing sauces and cocktails. A good example of such a device is PHILIPS HR3752 / 00 – a high-speed blender with the function of mixing in a vacuum (i.e. with sucked air).

A hand blender, for a change, is a real harvester, which is not afraid to cut, grind, mix and even … crush ice. You will appreciate it even when preparing yogurt or cream soups. Importantly, this is usually not expensive equipment – for example, the BRAUN MQ 100 Curry model you will buy below PLN 100, and for just over PLN 260 you will get an extremely well-equipped ZELMER ZHB1320B.

Juicer or juicer


Instead of buying juice in a carton, it is better to make it yourself. For this you will need a juicer or low-speed juicer. What to choose? Which more suits your lifestyle of course.

Juicers squeeze fruit and vegetables through sieves (optional – grinding the input with knives), thanks to which the juice is usually very clear and the whole process – short. On the minus side, you need to save a limited number of elements that can be processed in this way, as well as the fact that due to the treatment method, the juice obtained quickly loses valuable properties. An example of an inexpensive, and effective and easy to clean juicer is PHILIPS HR1837 / 00.

The slow-speed juicer works on slightly different principles. Here the fruit or vegetable is crushed with the help of a special snail moving at a low speed, due to which the juice is less oxidized and contains more vitamins. It is also usually less clear and you will find more pulp in it. A big plus of juicers is a wide range of products that you can process in this way – including leafy ones, such as spinach. Looking for a good device of this type, take a look e.g. at the popular PHILIPS HR1889 / 70 model.

Meat grinder and chopper


Contrary to appearances, a decent and solid meat grinder will be useful not only to carnivores. Usually this type of equipment also has a set of sensible vegetable chopping attachments, thanks to which in one machine you are able to quickly prepare ingredients for the whole dinner – also 100% vegetarian.

We especially recommend the ZELMER ZMM4048W Symbio model – it costs just under $ 91, and enjoys great popularity and high marks. No wonder – despite the low price, it offers extremely rich equipment – incl. three types of strainers, three types of graters and a butcher’s attachment. At this price it is a real treat.



A good multicooker may not prepare a meal for you, but it will certainly significantly reduce the time needed to cook it. This interesting equipment can replace not only a microwave or steamer, but sometimes even an oven. This is one of those products where you just press one button and you can do something else. Multicooker will take care of choosing the optimal pressure and temperature and will make sure that nothing boils or burns.

The stores do not lack interesting models, but we will name two devices: PHILIPS HD 3037/70 and REDMOND RMC-M90E. Both offer similar functionality, enjoy good opinions and are available in relatively small money. It is worth taking a closer look at them.

Mushroom dryer


Our summary closes a product with niche functionality, but indispensable if you often do dried preserves. Of course, we encourage you, because it is known for a long time that this type of food has a lot of nutrients and is an important part of any healthy diet.

When looking for a proper dryer, pay particular attention to the number of screens and the power of the device. The last attribute determines the speed of drying, while the first is responsible for how much “throughput” you achieve. We liked, among others CONCEPT SO-1060 color mushroom dryer: it is inexpensive and well equipped.

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