How to choose and which coffee maker to buy?

Pressure, overflow, capsule, vending machine or maybe a coffee machine with a butt? We advise you on what coffee machine to buy now and tell you what to look for when going to the store.

Are you looking for a proven coffee maker, but still can’t decide which model to choose? You are in a good place. We will talk about the differences between overflow coffee makers and pressurized coffee makers, and advise on whether it is worth investing in a capsule manufacturer. The first decision you need to make when considering buying a coffee machine is to choose the type of machine. This is a very important moment, because it determines not only how much you have to spend on new equipment, but also how much it will cost to keep using it. There are usually four product categories in stores.


Overflow coffee makers.

Crowded coffee machines are the cheapest. The brewing process is reduced to pouring ground coffee into a special filter (usually disposable) and pouring boiling water. As a result, we get a drink that tastes like the so-called “spills,” or ground coffee brewed directly in a glass or cup — but you don’t have to worry about coffee grounds because they remain on the filter.

Overfilled coffee machines are simple devices, but they have significant advantages. The most important is the presence of a hot plate, which keeps the coffee warm even several tens of minutes after brewing. Not without significance is the fact that you can make a large amount of drink at a time, which makes the overflow coffee machine the ideal product in a situation where you need to brew coffee for a large group of coffee lovers in a short time.

However, it should be remembered that coffee from an overflow coffee machine rarely tastes the same as coffee from a coffee machine under pressure (it is usually more acidic and more saturated in taste), and also contains much more caffeine. Brewing in it is also not very effective if you plan to make a small cup of coffee for just one person.


Capsule coffee makers.

Capsule machines are not much more expensive, but definitely nicer and easier to use. The user’s role here is limited to inserting a special coffee capsule and pressing the button to start the coffee making process. The rest will take care of the device that automatically adjusts the brewing settings to the specifications of the inserted capsule. It couldn’t be easier.

The selection of capsules is wide with every manufacturer, so you can choose not only in the types of coffee, but also in its dairy varieties. This is a good option for someone who likes coffee, but doesn’t like to waste time making it.

The biggest disadvantage of capsule makers is their cost. The devices themselves are not expensive, but the cost of capsules can be significant – especially if you drink coffee often. You must also remember that choosing a model of a given brand is associated with its offer in the field of served drinks. It is worth bearing in mind that the freshness of the coffee from the capsule can not match the quality of coffee beans bought in a good store and ground before serving.


Semi-automatic pressure coffee makers.

It’s time to take a look at the offers for demanding coffee lovers, that is, semi-automatic (espresso) pressurized coffee makers (extremely popular) in Poland. This is a wide segment, therefore it is easy to find here, a large price range.

Coffee machines are often treated as cheaper and worse substitutes for automatic machines, but in reality this is not the case. It is true that the operation of this device is time consuming (coffee needs to be measured, whipped, brewed and then cleaned the entire flask), but due to the fact that you have a lot of control over the brewing process, you can greatly affect the final taste and power of coffee. If you like milk coffees, be sure to choose a coffee machine with an attached milk frothing system – it will make cappuccino or latte easier.


Automatic pressure coffee makers.

The last category is automatic pressure coffee makers. These devices are usually expensive, but extremely easy to use and offer extensive functionality. A large number of devices have a built-in coffee grinder and an effective milk frothing system that does not require user activity.

Machines have many advantages and few disadvantages. The latter should include a relatively high price, both for the device and its further maintenance (since the cost of special filters for water, descaling agents or tablets for cleaning the brewing line). The most demanding coffee aficionados may also complain about the lack of a wide range of personalization options – usually we have several basic programs with a small range of flavor modifications or the amount of drink.



What to look for when buying a coffee machine?

Device power.

Is responsible for the rate of water heating, which usually determines the speed of the coffee brewing process. To put it simply, you can assume that the more W a given machine has, the faster it will brew coffee.


This is a very important parameter of every pressure coffee maker (note: capsule coffee machines also brew coffee under pressure). The higher the value of this parameter, the better. It is widely accepted that 9 bars is a limit below which it is not worth going down if you plan to brew Italian-style coffee. The optimum value for an espresso is 15-19 bars. In a low-pressure espresso machine (i.e. creating a pressure of 4 bar or less), the process of brewing coffee will always be longer, you must also take into account that not all harmful acids will be eliminated during brewing.

Coffee grinder.

Is a very useful addition, because it allows you to grind coffee beans just before brewing, which is a highly desirable thing. In stores you will find devices equipped with a percussive or burr grinder. If possible, try to opt for the second option – grinding beans in burrs will not affect the quality and taste of coffee, while impact treatment always causes an unwanted increase in temperature, negatively affecting the final taste of the drink.

Heating plate.

Is usually only present in filter coffee makers – it allows you to keep your brewed coffee warm, which is useful when you make coffee in advance.

Container size.

For sewage and waste is a very important criterion, if you buy an automatic coffee machine – the more capacity you have, the less often you will have to clean the coffee between coffee. The size of the water container is important for any type of espresso machine – unless you usually brew coffee only for yourself, then you may not pay attention to this parameter.

Dimensions of the coffee machine.

It’s a very individual thing, but it’s worth remembering when looking for a small kitchen appliance. Some advanced models (especially automatic) require a lot of space on the top of the cabinet or table.

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