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  • What is Amazon?

    The Amazon online store, or officially Amazon.com, is world famous. Even if you never used his services and did not visit the resource, you still heard this name when mentioned from friends, in advertisements and advertising banners.

    The Amazon.com online store was one of the first online services to start selling virtual goods in virtual mode, offering all its customers a very large assortment of products from various categories.
    Today, this company occupies a leading position in the world among all online stores, as it has the largest turnover of commercial products sold in virtual mode.

    The company’s activities began in July 1994, that is, for 21 years it has existed on the market, and over the long years of development, excellent results have been achieved. The founder of the company is American businessman Jeffrey Bezos, who was engaged in the sale of books at one time.

    It was from this that the start of the Amazon company began. Subsequently, the assortment of the virtual store was replenished with the category of music recordings and video products. So, the owner of the company began to expand his business, and by 2011 the total product range of Amazon covers 34 product categories. Then site visitors were already able to buy e-books, children’s toys, food, electronics and electrical appliances, household goods, sports products and much more.

  • History of Amazon

    History of the creation of Amazon. You know who Jeffrey Bezos? No? Does this name tell you nothing?

    Then you definitely need to know the name Amazon, because it is the most famous and popular online store in the world. So, the very mentioned Jeffrey Bezos is its founder and owner. The company has been operating in the global market for 21 years, and has won the status of a leader among all existing competitors and alternative large-scale points of sale.

    Products from Amazon are bought by people all over the world, from different countries, because to order goods you just need to have a personal computer and Internet access to go to the site, select the category of interest, find the right product, the model that you like, place an order and await the arrival of their parcels with the purchase.

    The history of the creation of the Amazon online store is rooted in the distant 1994, and the name itself is associated with the deepest river in the world – the Amazon.
    So, let’s start from the beginning, that is, from the moment when the American businessman Jeffrey Bezos planned to move through life with success, develop his business and earn the first million.

    Of course, this did not happen all at once, but his abilities, ingenuity and desire for a better life helped him in this. The American in his early years worked as a simple wage worker, and in 1994 he decided to open his own business, not depend on someone else’s uncle, but earn on his own.

    At that time, Internet business was in its infancy, and this area beckoned to him, suggesting that it was here that it was worth digging deeper in order to ever get to a valuable treasure. So it happened, in fact. However, no guarantee of success could be obtained, since the virtual trade segment was not formed as a full-fledged economic industry, but had to take risks and trust its intuition.

    And this risk was for Jeffrey Bezos is quite justified.

  • Amazon – A Popular Online Store

    There is not a single person who has never heard the name of the Amazon company at least once. Amazon – it is the most popular online store, the range of which includes virtually all product categories – from food to household appliances.
    buy on amazon

    In the global market of virtual sales company Amazon is a leader in terms of turnover and the scope of its activities.
    Now among the main competitors for the most ardent advocates Amazon auction eBay, but each company has its own advantages and features. Since now we are talking specifically about the Amazon online store, it makes no sense to translate the conversation into a topic of comparing two competitors, but it’s better to identify the main advantages and features of the object we are interested in – the largest and most popular online resource in the world Amazon, which specializes in selling goods in The internet.

    The history of Amazon began when its owner, Jeffrey Bezos, sold books, and eventually began to expand the range, offering customers all kinds of products.

    Now Amazon is a global virtual hypermarket where you will find everything and more. Founded in the United States 21 years ago, the company distributes its products not only in domestic market but also worldwide. This is the main advantage of the online store – there is no geographical location of its buyer, you can be in any city, in any country, on any of the six continents, and you can still order and buy goods on Amazon.com with delivery to you on house.

    Amazon has several large branches in the leading countries of the world. The main office is located in the native land – in the US, as well as the opening of the largest online store of representation in countries such as France, Britain, Germany, China, Canada and Japan.

  • How to register on Amazon

    How to register on amazon.com? Amazon online store is recognized as the world’s largest web resource that sells various products in virtual mode. Amazon’s resources can be used not only by an American, but also by a resident of any other country in the world, if he wants to order and buy something on the site, and the goods will be sent by a special delivery service.

    To be a full-fledged and real customer of the Amazon online store, you need to have a personal account, and it is very easy to create it by performing simple operations.

    Your first step is to visit the site of the online store. You can even enter the word “Amazon” in the search engine, and you will be knocked out the path to the desired resource in the first links. If you look at the screen, then at the top right you will see the inscription “Hello. Sign In Your Account ”- that is,“ Hello. Register your account. “

    Your second step is to select the “Start here” link, that is, “Start here” in the drop-down menu, and then the commands specified by the system should be followed.

    The third step – the page opens and asks you to enter your email address. You also need to write down your name in English, enter your email address again in the line below, indicate the mobile phone number, although this condition is not necessary, and also come up with your personal password to enter the site.

    The fourth step is the confirmation of registration and the creation of a personal account in Amazon. Since you filled in all the required fields, the system automatically processes the information by executing program commands and displays a message that your account has been created.

    Now you can safely “walk” through the expanses of the Amazon online store, search for the products you need, choose, watch, compare and make successful and profitable purchases.

  • Amazon product status

    About all operations in order
    So, your product is already in the basket, and now it remains only to place an order for it. First, you indicate in a pop-up form the address to which the package will be sent. Initially, you specified this data during the creation of your personal profile, but upon the fact of placing the order, the delivery address can be changed or a new one can be introduced. Use the instructions to correctly fill in the US reseller address. This is the easiest and most standard way of delivering marketable products to Amazon.

    There are other options that sellers offer. For example, you can use the expedited delivery mode so that the package arrives at your address as quickly as possible.

    Types of parcel delivery from Amazon

    The buyer himself chooses which delivery method is more convenient and profitable for him, and then follows the prompting in the form of forms to indicate all the data necessary to confirm the order and its subsequent transfer to the recipient.

    On the Amazon website itself, the delivery method is not indicated by default, since this moment must be negotiated directly when contacting the seller. Thus, you can choose three delivery methods – urgent, expedited and standard, by which you will find out all the terms and cost of the service.

    How to pay for an Amazon order

    After that, you need to pay for the order in a way convenient for the client, confirm all the data, and wait for the notification of the order sending. When the package will follow the specified route to you, you can track where it is, by going to your personal account site, see all the information about the arrival time.

  • Amazon – types of goods

    At the mere mention of Amazon, everything becomes clear and clear. Everyone knows her, even for those who have never used the services.

    This is the world’s largest online store where you can buy everything!
    You can find any products that interest you on the Amazon website, and you can order products for each client, regardless of city and country of residence.

    What can I buy and find in the assortment of the online store Amazon? The company offers all its users and customers the following categories of goods and their nomenclature:

    Electronics and computer technology. In this section you will find all types and brands of desktop and laptop computers, accessories for them, photo equipment, video equipment, audio equipment, video products, devices for navigation and GPS, security and automation systems, automotive electronics, office electronics, electronics accessories, as well as mobile communication devices – cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, tablets and more;

    Video Technique Amazon

    Clothes and accessories. This category covers sections of clothing for men, women, children, separately shoes in the specified categories and accessories;

    Amazon for women

    Books. In the book section, buyers will find fiction and scientific literature of all genres and years of release, and for convenience, you can enter the name of the book in the search engine to immediately find the product you are interested in;
    Music. The music section of the product presents all areas of music for children and adults, many collectible and exclusive editions of modern and ancient performers;

    Amazon Musical Instruments

    Sporting goods. This category combines sports products for each sport, equipment, training equipment, shells, equipment, protective equipment and a lot of everything, whatever you need for outdoor activities and sports.

This section presents products priced from $1 to $10

This section presents products priced from $10 to $20

This section presents products priced from $20 to $30

This section presents products priced from $30 to $40

This section presents products priced from $40 to $50

This section presents products priced from $50+

Kitchen & Dining
Home Improvement
Sport & Oudoor
Pet Supplies

Why is the Amazon online store popular?

The name of the Amazon online store is world famous and popular, for which thanks to its founder – American entrepreneur Jeffrey Bezos, who created this project. Starting your own business on a shaky and unstable foundation without guarantees of success has turned into a huge brainchild that works around the world and serves its customers at the highest level.
Amazon is the largest online store in the world with an annual turnover of about $ 20 billion and a net profit of around $ 0.5 billion. Amazon Online Store

This web resource is not just a primitive online store, it is a virtual company of an international level, functioning with the support of numerous technological services that help maintain a business at a high competitive level. The Amazon online store has powerful advertising departments, as well as analytical and information departments. Therefore, Amazon can be called a real online empire.

The American company Amazon specializes in the sale of all categories and types of goods, from foodstuffs to sports goods, electronics, appliances and other household products. It all started only with the sale of ordinary books.

The popularity and leadership position of the Amazon online store is due to its unique corporate policy and the personal entrepreneurial abilities of its owner Jeffrey Bezos, thanks to which it was possible to very effectively and accurately use the potential of virtual contact with the target audience. By selling goods online, you can quickly attract customers and generally expand the circle of potential buyers, as well as increase the working capabilities of the store itself by offering more products.

At first, Amazon won success and recognition in the US domestic market, and then began to expand its activities outside the country, attracting the attention of European countries and far eastern countries.

Today the company has six official representative offices in different countries of the world, these are in Canada, Japan, China, Germany, France and the UK, which allows all the inhabitants of the planet to use the services of an online store, order any goods on it.

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